Work With Me

Joining forces with me is a fantastic way to gain exposure to thousands of social media followers. There are various ways in which you can place your product or service on or Project Wellness:

Sponsored Posts
A wonderful way to introduce and promote your product to your target market. This involves a post on my blog where I develop and share a recipe using your product, a review and links to all your social media, a few photographs as well as a giveaway promotion if suitable.

Product Giveaways
Expand your reach but do not need a recipe development, then this is a perfect solution. Details will be included in one of my regular blog posts, and promoted through social media as well.

Brand Ambassadorship
An ambassador for your brand or service involves various sponsored posts, involvement at conferences and events, promotion through social media depending on the needs of your company.

Beyond the scope of
There are various ways in which we can partner up in order to cater to your needs. For example:

Recipe development for your menu: I develop the recipe for your restaurant or venue, you own the recipe.
Recipe development using your product: I create and develop recipes, you take ownership.
Writing: If you are looking to add contributors to your media in the form of blogs, print, online magazine or other publications which involve food, travel, well-being and daily life. I LOVE to write!