Wellness Walks

Calling all foodies curious about healthier lifestyle choices!!

Ifat Kafry Hindes has recently launched The Wellness Walks.

What are they? First of its kind in Hong Kong featuring both old and new exciting healthy food scene options. Guided explorations of healthy, nutritious and delish options around town. It isn’t about ‘rabbit food’, theres a world full of amazing tasty choices out there, filling and tantalising for your taste buds!

If you’re wanting to make a healthier changes in your life, learn how easy it is and how delish it can be!

Here’s how it works:

*We start walking from Sheung Wan and finish in Admiralty.
*We make 5-8 stops along the way, tasting as we go.
*We visit a few restaurants, grocery shops and health practices along the way.
–make sure you wear comfy shoes
–make allowances for weather conditions
–make any specific dietary restrictions known

This tour has been specially curated by Ifat Kafry Hindes, a Wellness Chef and passionate foodie. Ifat will be leading the walks herself, sharing her love of Hong Kong and it’s exciting, burgeoning healthy food culture.

If you’re looking for a few hours of fun, meeting new people, and discovering new things, Wellness Walks will set you on the right path!